Kathy began her own emotional healing surrounding her adoption experience many years ago and through this journey has acquired first hand knowledge of her own adoption experience and how it had impact on her life without her knowledge.

Kathy serves the agency with years of experience in  coaching and consultation with her clients in behavior modification techniques. She teaches and coaches her clients how to change their behaviors to get new results in their life. She is also a licensed medical massage therapist and has worked with those who have trauma around physical touch. Kathy has worked extensively with holistic medical practitioners over her 14 year career. Through this experience she has gained a deep understanding of the emotional, physical and spiritual body and how they have effects on each other. 

Kathy is an Advanced Emotional Polarity Technique Practitioner and has been practicing this specific technique for over 3 years.  This technique serves as a tool to energetically alleviate anger, loss, abandonment, grief, depression, anxiety, fear and loneliness often felt by those who have been adopted or fostered.  

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