Advocacy, Services and Mission
 Kathy Harlow and LTBR are working together to address a need for emotional support for the adoptee and their families.  Kathy will be on board with the organization to bring her skills and first hand knowledge of the emotional challenges of being an adoptee. LTBR is providing a vessel for Kathy to share her vision and knowledge she has obtained about adoption through research, her own personal experiences as an adoptee and through her work with Emotional Release and Balancing Technique with adoptees and their families.  LTBR is dedicated to building a community, both locally and with outreach to a chapter based support community.  We will provide a safe environment for each adoptee to express their experience as an adoptee without judgment and to provide a sanctuary to support personal, family and community enlightenment and transformation, so that the family unit becomes healthy and whole. LTBR will be an advocate to challenge the false beliefs surrounding adoption in our society, schools and community and build a greater awareness, acceptance and compassion for the adopted and their families. 
Building an adoption community
Building a community of love and acceptance.

   " If you judge people you have
                           no time to love them."
                                                 -Mother Teresa

 LTBR will not focus on political or ethical based topics on adoption and while we are in favor of legislation changes, this will not be part of this organizations focus.

Kathy Harlow will act on behalf of LTBR in providing Emotional Release and BalancingTechnique, coaching and consultation to any member of the adoption triad before, during or after adoption has occurred.

A list of resources and suggested readings will be maintained on the website for additional information.
If you would like to schedule an Emotional Polarity session or have questions about a support group please contact:
Kathy Harlow, LMT, Emotional Release and Balancing Technique, Life Coash
or click here to be directed to her calendar with up to date availability.
Read about all services provided by Live To Be Restored. 
 Adoption Consultation Adoption Advocacy Adoption Awareness
 Adoption Consultation Adoption Advocacy Adoption Awareness
 Adoption Consultation Adoption Advocacy Adoption Awareness
 Adoption Consultation Adoption Advocacy Adoption Awareness
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